In our experience, there are two different types of clients
when it comes to refurbishment: The one who lives in a permanent building site who,
as soon as he is involved in one reform, is already thinking about the next; and the one who has an inexplicable fear of reforms. Today we’ll talk
about the second type.

Most of them, we have seen, come to us on the rebound
For example, they want to change the bathtub for a shower, because an accident left them with reduced mobility
or they found a plague of some very common local insects behind the hollow tiles in the kitchen;
or because the family suddenly grows when an old uncle moves in to be taken care of.

Behind these requests, there is always the pleasure that a long wished-for desire is finally going to be fulfilled. However, at the same time, the fear of facing this refurbishment is why it has been avoided for so long.

Although at first it may be difficult to detect, their concerns always tend to fall into one of the following 7 categories
well entrenched enough to prevent them from carrying out the
renovation they have been so eager to do for years, but have never dared:

1. Noise They couldn’t bear to live in a house vibrating with drills,
annoying hammering or the clamour of a radial saw.

2. Neighbours. Possible confrontations with neighbours
because of a lorry removing piles of rubble from the street; the noise of machinery since 8 am; or the dust the wind
blows onto their houses.

3. Cleaning. Just thinking of arriving home to a house full of dust, so fine that it gets
everywhere, exhausts them.

4. Unforeseen events. They believe refurbishment always involves unforeseen events,
making its cost or the time spent on it greater than expected.

5. Cost. From the outset, they assume their renovation involves a very high financial
outlay or that the builders, in their eagerness to swindle, will inflate the amounts.

6. Living together. They believe they will have to leave their house while it is being
refurbished and they have nowhere else to go, so they reject the idea.

7. Design. They don’t know how to change the lay-out, decorate the house, choose the floors, tiles, furniture or kitchen
… everything overwhelms them.

Here, we encourage all those people with a phobia of refurbishment
to go ahead and do it; they won’t regret it. A reform is synonymous with improvement
the result will be so positive that any negative moments in the process will have been worth it. This has
been shown by fearful clients who have passed through our hands and who are now very pleased with the results and are now
happily enjoying their new home. At Jable, we can help
allay your fears by informing you of the following:

1. We know the noise is very annoying, so we minimise this as much as possible. We choose the most suitable times, and try to use the quietest machinery closing doors
and windows. We choose the most suitable hours, we try to use the least
we are noisy and as far as possible we close doors and windows.

2. Confrontations with neighbours are always a possibility. But we think that
communication and being friendly are the best allies, otherwise you are giving your neighbour the power to choose whether or not you
can renovate your own home. Jable has a thorough cleaning service so your home will be as good as new, without a speck of dust.

3. Jable has a thorough cleaning service so that you can find your home as good as new, without the need for
a speck of dust.

4. During renovations, unforeseen events sometimes arise and have to be dealt with. We help you to
to understand them, to look for options that minimise their costs and to provide solutions. We
We turn unforeseen events into opportunities;
in the end your home will be safer, more comfortable and more functional.

5. We recommend that, when there is a lack of confidence in the estimates,
you contact 2 or 3 other companies and compare,
but all the details in each job to be done, then choose what suits you best. We will give you
a detailed quotation, so you know the cost of your project before you start.

6. Ideally, you should leave your house during the whole process but,
if you can’t, we adapt our work plan so you can live alongside the work being done.

7. We have our own interior design service, so you can leave the decorating,
lay-out and selection to us.

Renovating your home improves your life.

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