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Repair and maintenance of breakdowns in single-family dwellings.
We carry out preventive and corrective maintenance work in the various specialities,


bricklaying, electricity, painting and basic plumbing.


  1. Contact. The client contacts us and tells us as precisely as possible the reasons for the breakdown or repair and its effects before a visit is scheduled.
  2. Visit. We visit the site to carry out the repair work. If it is not possible at the time due to its complexity, we study the feasibility and form of the repair.
  3. Estimate. An estimate is prepared from the data compiled.
  4. Repair. The repair or maintenance work is carried out.

Other Services

Delux Jable


We take care of everything from start to finish, down to the last detail. You give us the ideas, and we design and implement them.



You know exactly what you want and we make it happen. We take care of all building work and turn your ideas into reality.